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Wedding Dance

Wedding Dance

Imagine — Your first dance. All eyes are on you and your partner as you start your new lives together. Now imagine a fully personalized, choreographed routine set to your special song. We make that a reality with our First Steps dance package. Through 7 private lessons, we will teach you and your partner an unforgettable, personalized dance routine with your own song selections and dance preferences. We work with couples of all skill levels, from first-­time dancers to professionals. Our goal is to make your first dance as memorable as the rest of your wedding day.

First Steps Package

  • Seven private lessons
  • Prepared choreography
  • Burned-and-cut CD ready to play at your reception

Total Cost: $559

What will you learn in 7 lessons?

  • Learn to rhythmically dance and count to music
  • Basic steps and technique using your chosen song and dance preferences
  • Choreography based on song selection
  • Entrance and exit routines
  • Poise and presentation on the dance floor
  • Basic Salsa, Cha Cha, and Waltz techniques to dance throughout your wedding’s reception

If our First Steps Package is not for you, we offer private lessons on a lesson-per-lesson basis until you feel that you are prepared. Individual lessons cost $85.

Additional Wedding Services

Our goal is to make your wedding day an unforgettable dance experience! Check out the following wedding services we offer. Please contact us with any questions or requests and we will make your wedding dance dreams a reality. Price will be negotiated at time of sign‐up.

  • Showcase entrance by professional ballroom dancers
  • Professional dancers to dance with guests at your reception (Party Dancing)
  • Bridal party dance class
  • Group dance class at your wedding reception
  • Father and daughter dance
  • Mother and son dance
  • Any and all personalized requests