Lenny Pro


Lenny Pro
Co-owner and International Latin/Standard Instructor

Lenny Pro (Leonid Proskurov) was born in Russia and started Ballroom dancing at the age of 6. Very early in his training, he was recognized as an extraordinary talent in both International Standard and International Latin. He became a champion of Eastern Russia in ten dances. As a junior in high school, he was invited by the Kaiser Dance Academy of New York which offered him the opportunity of training with world-class coaches from all over the world.


Lenny began his professional career at the age of 20 when he moved to Los Angeles, California, to work as a coach, choreographer, and competitive dancer. He trained many students who later went on to become national champions. His most recent professional accomplishment is becoming a national certified adjudicator in all levels of International style ballroom dancing.

Lenny is fulfilling a life-long dream of sharing his knowledge and passion for ballroom dance with anyone who has the desire to learn! Lenny’s approach to teaching children is of top caliber; his ability to connect with the child, and to interest them in what they are learning, is one of a kind. Lenny is co-owner of Beverly Hills Ballroom. He teaches many group classes and is available for private lessons daily.